Student Fundraiser




What: St. Mary’s Academy Student Fundraiser 
When: Monday, October 3 - Friday, October 28
Why: The Student Fundraiser is an annual student-led school fundraiser. Each student is championed to raise $200 through their extended network of friends and family to contribute toward the school goal of $100,000, which benefits student activities, operating expenses, and financial aid at St. Mary's Academy. Learn more about why we fundraise here! The Student Fundraiser is a chance for students to learn about philanthropy and give back to SMA by sharing what they love about St. Mary's Academy with their community.

 This year we are working together as a community to raise $100,000.

How can parents help?

  • Encourage your student to set up their fundraising page and help them build a list of friends/family to ask
    • Instructions will be pushed to iPads and emailed to students on October 3
  • Support the student fundraiser
    • You can give directly to your student's fundraising page by clicking here

How can alumnae and friends of SMA help?

  • Fundraise for the SMA alumnae team by clicking here
  • Donate to a student by joining our SMAporters list and a current SMA student will benefit from your donations. Please email Kerry Wright at for more information on being a SMAporter!

Visit our student resource page for helpful fundraising tools!

Questions? Want to Get Involved? Email Kerry Wright at

support the Student Fundraiser


Thank you to our sponsors for partnering with us during the Student Fundraiser!