The future of St. Mary’s Academy is supported through our growing endowment and is the key to the innovation and flexibility that the future will require of schools like St. Mary’s Academy.

Our endowment is comprised of invested donations from which the school draws returns each year, at a rate designed to preserve the principal that was originally donated to St. Mary’s. The investment return from our endowment supplements the operating budget provided by tuition and gifts to the school.

The income provided by our endowment provides:

  • Tuition assistance for qualified students
  • Academic programs and co-curricular activities that support the school’s teaching, culture and service
  • Support to attract and retain outstanding faculty
  • Maintenance and renewal of our historic facility
  • Financial stability in changing times and flexibility to respond to new opportunities

A strong endowment equals choices and stability for the future. To ensure the long-term economic vitality of St. Mary’s Academy, one of our top priorities is to increase our endowment.

Named Endowment Funds

The St. Mary’s Academy Endowment is comprised of numerous named endowment funds, many of which are established to honor family members, alumnae, teachers and friends. A named endowment may also benefit a specific area of interest, such as athletics, performing arts or a department.

A minimum $10,000 gift is required to start a named endowment fund. Smaller gifts are of course welcomed and will be added to an appropriate previously established endowment fund.

If you are interested in establishing an endowment fund or contributing to an existing fund, please contact Coralynn Arrigotti, Senior Director of Leadership Gifts at coralynn.arrigotti@smapdx.org or 971.256.9968.