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The Final Jewel in the St. Mary’s Academy Tiara is Grad Night!

Grad Night is a really fun event that will take place this year May 30-31 mere hours after the Graduation Ceremony. It is a great way for the just-graduated seniors to end their sojourn at

St. Mary’s with an all-night party at a Secret Location together with the classmates whom they have spent the last four years together. The intent is to provide a night for bonding, friendships, making lasting memories, surprises and most importantly keeping our seniors safe on graduation night.

Parents and Guardians, please look for the sign up and permission form later this year. Graduates must sign up in order to be able to attend!

This event would not be possible without the Grad Night Committee. The committee is firing up the Fun Machine and needs your help. There at least four more committee member spots that need to be filled, a bunch of chaperones volunteer spots to be filled, and a small number of goodies to be gathered. It’s neat seeing the young ladies enjoying themselves together after four years of hard work. Prior volunteers have raved about the fun they had.

The committee is low key and an easy way to get your volunteer hours with the bonus of hanging out with some new school parents. I highly recommend it for freshman & sophomore parents.

Chaperone duties include first half of the night, second half of the night or both—Bonus is that chaperone hours count double.

Please click here to sign up.




Laurent Avondstondt, Committee Chair