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St. Mary’s to Award Advanced Leadership Endorsement

St. Mary’s Academy has been graduating leaders since 1859, and we have the distinct honor of being the first high school in Oregon to award seniors an Advanced Leadership Endorsement upon graduation. 

Our leadership opportunities are varied and widespread, ranging from being that captain of a sports team, to directing over 100 students in committee work. While most student leadership opportunities develop organically, within a variety of activities, there are many students who have chosen a deeper dive into leadership during their journey at St. Mary’s.

The Advanced Leadership Endorsement ensures students are able to tell the story of their leadership experience to colleges and employers by identifying what skills they have gained, speaking to those skills, and receiving a credential as evidence. We believe that the Endorsement will be one of the many ways St. Mary’s students can differentiate themselves in a competitive world.

Requirements include leadership experience, community service hours and participation in leadership trainings. As part of the cohort, students will reflect on their leadership experience, create a Linked-In profile, compile examples of their work and present in front of a panel of women leaders.

Faculty, staff, parents and alumnae have helped craft this vision for what young women can achieve and we’re excited for our first cohort of 15 seniors. It’s not too late to participate.

If your senior is interested, please contact Michele Taylor for more information.