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Sources of Support at St. Mary's

Asking for help is truly a sign of strength, not weakness.  St. Mary’s Academy has a team available to assist and support our students along the journey through high school.  The goal of our team is to provide support for success and independence; a toolkit of skills, both personal and academic, that helps students navigate high school and beyond.

Our support team includes:

  • Director of Student and Academic Support
  • Personal and Academic Counselors
  • Academic Support Center Teachers
  • College Counselors
  • Teacher Advisors (TA)
  • Teachers
  •  Administrators
  • And of course … Parents     

A good first place to go for assistance and support is the Counseling Center.   Students are assigned a Personal/Academic Counselor and College Counselor by their TA (see Student Handbook for counselor assignments).  Counselors are available to provide assistance for a wide range of issues; personal, mental health, social, and emotional, academics, and so on. 

The Academic Support Center is another source of support that is available to all students.  Services include:

  • Content area specific help, i.e. math
  • Test preparation and effective study tools
  • Strength assessments and goal setting
  • Organization/executive functioning skills development
  • A liaison between student-parents and teachers
  • Medical absence schoolwork management
  • Growth Mindset skills and approaches to learning and personal growth
  • Drop in support each day during Break and Lunch
  • NHS tutoring and mentoring

We hope that the transition back to school will be a smooth one, but please know that we are here to assist and support in any way possible.  Feel free to reach out, ask questions, and partner with us during the high school journey. 

Director of Student and Academic Support