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About College Visits

Spring break and three-day weekends are ideal for visiting colleges to learn about locations, academic programs and campus life. Seniors may want to make last visits to a campus to inform their decisions, and for juniors, college visits are a vital form of research and can help determine what will be important to you in making college choices. Families of younger students who will be traveling over spring or summer break might want to drive by or through campuses in the cities visited, attend a cultural event or have coffee on campus as a way to gain perspective before the college search feels urgent. We urge students to sit quietly and make some personal notes for future reference after each visit, before discussing it with friends or family. Check in with your college counselor if you have questions about how to schedule a college tour or information session, or what to look for. For hints about planning college visits, check out the College Visits and Interviews section of the St. Mary’s College Counseling Handbook. It is available on each students’ iPad and in the document’s library section of Naviance.