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Student Leadership

A core component of the St. Mary's mission is to support students in becoming leaders in their class, school and community.

Leadership at St. Mary's Academy

Values Student Voice

Focuses on Skill Building

Is Rooted in Equity & Inclusion

Is Broad

Is Flexible & Generative

Impacts School Culture

Week of Joy

At St. Mary’s Academy, students place a high value on service and giving back to their community. Every year, students create a week dedicated to spirit and competition while also raising money for cancer research. Students can apply for various positions to help build and implement this action packed fundraising week.

Leading the Way at SMA

The leadership consortium is a group of committed student leaders. The only requirement to be part of the leadership consortium is to be committed and actively pursuing leadership skills and leadership positions at St. Mary’s Academy. The fundamental training for the consortium is an annual two day leadership retreat in late August titled “Leading the Way at SMA”. As part of the leadership consortium, students learn valuable skills as they examine the importance of organizational culture and their role in impacting SMA in a positive way.

LINK Mentorship Program

The LINK Mentorship program is comprised of sophomores, juniors and seniors who are dedicated to mentoring and supporting freshmen as they settle into high school. LINK mentors lead special events including an orientation day, freshmen lock in, and a relaxed and fun study session before the first exams.

St. Mary’s Ambassadors

With membership totaling over 150 students, St. Mary’s Academy Ambassadors is the largest leadership group on campus. Ambassadors are sophomores, juniors and seniors who welcome prospective students and their parents to explore SMA through events such as our annual Open House. All Ambassadors serve on a committee and host shadow visitors throughout the school year.

Student Council

The student council at St. Mary's Academy is comprised of five elected student body presidents who make up the Associated Student Body (ASB) and five class officers per grade. Student council members are in charge of developing relationships between the Student Government and the student body. Additionally, they work to develop programming that drives positive culture school wide.

Student Review Board (SRB)

The Student Review Board serves as a decision making board for the approval of student-led initiatives, proposals and clubs. The board consists of a broad range of students to engage multiple perspectives.

Student Equity Team (SET)

The Student Equity Team works with the Adult Equity Team and serves on the Principal's Council. SET helps move equity and inclusion initiatives at SMA and runs affinity Fridays, and intersectional weekly gathering to share equity work across the SMA community.

Women’s Empowerment Week

Women's Empowerment Week is an action-focused, educational week that gives St. Mary's students the tools and the confidence to create their own futures, follow their passions, and realize that their unique qualities are superpowers. Women's Empowerment Week hosts a day long symposium for elementary and middle school students run entirely by St. Mary's Academy student leaders.

The Principal's Council

The Principal's Council is a group made up of Student Equity Team and Student Review Board members who advise the Principal on school-wide issues.

Michele Taylor
Dean of Student Leadership & Activities

Jessica Acee
Student Leadership Coordinator