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Clubs & Activities

Clubs and Activities 2018-19


Bike Club Monday 2nd/4th Lunch G3 Stock-Marquez
Human Rights Club Monday Lunch 304 Hemmen
Math Club Monday Lunch 201 Metscher
Multi Cultural Monday Lunch 102 A. Whitty
Novel Club Monday Lunch 105 Housley
SciFi Club Monday Lunch 205 Vanelli
SMADCO Monday After School PSU Bustos


Art Club
Tuesday Blue Activity Block G2 Kaplan/Brown
Black Student Union Tuesday Lunch 303 Dr. Bell
Ethics Bowl Tuesday Lunch 305 O'Brien
Film Club Tuesday Lunch 301 Gardner
First Nations Tuesday Lunch 201 Metscher
Girl Up Tuesday Lunch 105 Duda
NAHS Tuesday Blue Activity Block G2 Kaplan/Brown
Philosophy Club Tuesday Lunch 204 Lund
Politics Club Tuesday Lunch 208 D. Housley
Science Club Tuesday Lunch 209 Daschel
Theater/Thespians Tuesday Lunch AUD More


Asian Pacific Islander Club Wednesday Lunch G12 Brooks
Earth Club Wednesday Lunch 302 Haster
French Club Wednesday Lunch G4 Thelin
Jewish Student Union Wednesday Lunch 110 Gilbert
Latino Student Union Wednesday Lunch G3 Stock-Marquez
SMADCO Wednesday After School PSU Bustos
Women's Equality Club Wednesday Lunch 101 Briggs
Writers' Club Wednesday Lunch 102 Ellis


Adulting & Life Skills Thursday Lunch 203 Park/Barret
Escribe Maria Thursday Lunch 110 Salvi
Harry Potter Club Thursday Lunch G7 Murphy
History Club Thursday Lunch 206 Nyland
OR Battle of the Books Thursday Lunch 103 Barrett
Outdoor Club Thursday Lunch 101 Vincent
Science Bowl Thursday Lunch 209 Stadler
Queer Student Union Thursday Lunch 303 Fleming
WOCA Thursday Lunch 305 Bell
YES Thursday Lunch 304 Hemmen


Affinity Fridays Friday Lunch Leadership Center Bell/Taylor
SMARB Friday After School Donahue
TriM/Musicians Club Friday Lunch PAC Briggs
Table Top RPG Guild Friday Lunch 102 Ellis