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By leaning on the example of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and using their core values as a guide, St. Mary's Academy students actively participate in service throughout their SMA experience and are prepared for a life of leadership and service. A commitment to service plays a vital role in the profile of SMA students and alumnae.

At St. Mary's Academy, we emphasize the need to serve with our community members rather than for them. Our students and staff recognize that it is only thorough a collaborative effort with all community members that we can be positive agents of change for social justice.

Service takes on many forms at SMA, including the twice-a-year class-wide Hands Full of Heart day of service, Mississippi Service Immersion Trip, Mexico Border Immersion Trip, Justice and Peace Network service learning, Campus Ministry Service team projects, club-organized service opportunities and more!

Beyond the regularly scheduled programs, service opportunities are often woven into our school-wide programs, including retreats, social justice week, Immersion experiences and other large-group events.

Student Service Opportunities

Students can learn about service opportunities through a variety of different avenues including a Service Opportunities Schoology Page, joining CMS or inquiring for opportunities through the CMS course, bulletin-postings, classroom projects, or by contacting Ms. Whitty directly. Any student with an idea for group projects linking with SMA should contact Caitlin Whitty for support in organizing.

Service and Social Justice

As part of course-credit for junior year, students are asked to complete an experience of service for class. Information is provided to students spring of their sophomore year and completed sometime from spring sophomore year to Christmas break in fall of their junior year. Students can select agencies from a collated list compiled by the CMS and Theology teams. To find a list of suggested agencies for service, contact the CMS office.

Service Honor Cord

The course requirement is just a small part of all service completed by SMA students. Many students participate in multiple service opportunities throughout their SMA career and we honor that commitment with recognition after four years. Graduating seniors must complete at least 160 verified service hours by early April of their graduation year to qualify. These hours should be accumulated and logged over the student's four years via the web-based MobileServe app. Hours can be logged in real-time via the mobile app or retroactively and verified by site coordinators via email. Students receive info regarding MobileServe through the CMS office annually. Questions should be directed to the SMA service coordinator.