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Retreat Programs

Freshmen Immersion Retreat
In the fall, all freshmen participate in a one-day immersion with their integrated-course groups. Students learn about issues of homelessness by engaging in dialogue with their peers and with our neighbors experiencing poverty and homelessness in and around Portland's Old Town. The intention of the Immersion experience is to educate our young women about the social justice issues that are at the root of homelessness, hunger and poverty in our community and to inspire empathy in the hearts of our future service-leaders.

Sophomore Retreat
In the spring, the sophomore class spends 24 hours together off-campus to reflect on who they are, who they are becoming as a member of the St. Mary’s community and their place in the community. This is facilitated through group conversations, organized team-building activities, prayer, song, self-reflective questions and journaling. Students are led on this retreat by the ASB officers and their junior and senior peers. Students interested in applying for retreat leadership should click here.

Junior Encounter
Three encounter retreat experiences are held each year, one in November, one in February and one in March. Each Encounter lasts two and a half days and is held off-campus. This optional retreat historically pulls over 80 percent participation from the junior class, facilitating a transformational experience to the large majority of the class. Through prayer, reflection and group sharing, students focus on their relationship with themselves, family, friends, their classmates and God.

Senior Metanoia
One senior metanoia (retreat) is held each year in the spring. From the Greek metanoein meaning "to change one’s mind," this weekend aims to help seniors take a new look at how their life after SMA will look. We encourage discernment on majors of study, how their faith and spirituality will play a role in their everyday activities and decision, and how their changing circumstance will affect who they are and how they fit into the world around them. Metanoia is a wonderful opportunity for seniors to reflect on their time at St. Mary’s, their relationships and their life after high school.