Dress Code

Parents / Dress Code

St. Mary's Academy seeks to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to the highest quality of academic pursuit and respect of self and others. The manner students are dressed and groomed contributes to this atmosphere. The school dress code is based on a readiness to come to engage in the work of school, respect, neatness, cleanliness, “good taste,” and safety. Students are expected to dress for the school day, not for after school activities and to be noticeably dressed better for school than for play, exercise or recreation. The following specific guidelines are in effect at all times while on campus or while participating in school-sponsored trips and events:

  • Shirts and pants or skirts must overlap enough to provide coverage of the midriff and back when arms are raised above the head.
  • Sleeveless tops may be worn if they provide enough coverage for SMA guidelines. Halter tops, tube tops, one shoulder tops, and off the shoulder tops are not acceptable. Sheer blouses are acceptable if worn over an opaque layer that meets SMA guidelines. The straps of tank tops may be no less than three inches wide. In addition, the neckline is to be no lower than two inches from the top of the collarbone (two inches is approximately three fingers). The back of the top should provide enough coverage that skin is not visible.
  • Shorts must be within 6 inches of the top of the knee; skirts must be within 2 inches of the top of the knee. Slits in skirts may not extend more than 2 inches from the top of the knee. Opaque tights or leggings must be worn with any skirt that might appear shorter than the dress code allows.
  • Athletic shorts, exercise pants, biking pants, workout pants, and spandex may be worn at the discretion of the instructor for PE, strength and conditioning, yoga, dance, and athletic practice, but are not appropriate for school. Yoga pants are acceptable as long as they are moderate-to-loose fitting and opaque and leggings may be worn.
  • Writing on clothing must be appropriate for the SMA environment. No writing, logos, or designs are allowed on the seat of shorts, pants, sweats etc.
  • No boxer shorts, pajama bottoms or pants in the style of pajama bottoms may be worn to school.
  • Clothing should be in good repair; no holes, tears, or frayed ends. If you are wearing a style of clothing intentionally manufactured with rips and holes, you must wear tights or an opaque layer underneath to provide coverage.
  • Shoes must be worn. Students are encouraged to choose shoes that are appropriate for climbing stairs.
  • Days of all-school liturgies and other special occasions are designated as dress-up days. These are school days where a more formal appearance is expected of students out of respect for the special purpose of the day.
  • Students who represent the school in a voluntary activity may be required to meet additional dress and grooming standards.

Dress Code for Dances

  • Informal dances are those held in the school. The dress code for these is the same as listed above.
  • Modesty and good taste are the two guiding principles for the formal dances –Winter Semi and Prom.

Please Note: St. Mary’s Administration retains the right to interpret the dress code. The second dress code violation results in a detention. The third dress code violation and beyond will 27 require a parent to bring appropriate clothing to school or for the student to go home and change. Chronic disregard for dress code may result in suspension or expulsion at the discretion of the administration.