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Dress Code 2023-2024

St. Mary’s Academy strives to create an environment that prioritizes critical thinking, inclusivity, and body
positivity. As a progressive, Catholic, women’s institution, the St. Mary’s Academy administration strives to be supportive of student choice in clothing. We believe in supporting our students’ ability to choose their attire based on comfort, functionality, and self-expression.

While the St. Mary’s Academy Dress Code allows for a wide latitude for student choice in clothing, there are certain requirements and considerations.
Please refrain from wearing the following:
Clothing (including buttons, patches, etc.) that depicts, implies, advertises, or advocates drugs, alcohol,
tobacco, weapons, gang affiliation, nudity, or sexual acts
Clothing that includes profanity or hate, discriminatory, or racist speech or images
Clothing that includes words or images that could be triggering to others
Clothing or accessories that endanger students or staff
Halter tops, tube tops, one shoulder tops, off the shoulder tops, spaghetti straps, and transparent tops
Clothing that allows the midriff* or back to show while in motion
Skirts or shorts that expose undergarments and/or private parts when sitting and standing unless
accompanied by opaque tights or leggings
There are occasions when more formal attire may be required, such as:
Days that celebrate SMA traditions (e.g., Founders’ Day)
Days where students participate in study opportunities in the community
Days with guest speakers, special events, or certain school-sponsored trips

Please Note: The St. Mary’s Academy administration retains the right to interpret the dress code and
may require students to adjust or change clothing. Dress code violations may result in disciplinary action
such as detention and parental meetings, and continuous disregard for dress code may result in more
serious intervention measures including being sent home, suspension, or expulsion at the discretion of the administration.

*Midriff is the region of the body between the chest and the waist