Policies and Liability Release

Before registering your daughter for summer camp, please be sure to read the following policies and release information:

Pick-Up Procedure:

For the convenience of our campers’ families, we do not require a formal, in-person check-out process. This allows families to pull up in our front drive or temporarily park nearby without having to locate and pay for a parking spot in downtown Portland. At the end of camp, students may then leave St. Mary’s Academy and meet their parent/guardian at their family-designated pick-up location.

Of course, families have the option of formally picking up their daughter inside St. Mary’s Academy. Families may also provide St. Mary’s staff a list of individuals approved to pick up their daughter from camp. Our goal is to ease the pick-up process, and we trust that families will pick their campers up in the manner that best meets their families’ needs.

Travel and Field Trips:

Although St. Mary’s Academy (SMA) strives to protect the safety of its students, going off campus presents inherent risks. Before your student participates, it is important that you carefully read and understand the following details before granting permission to participate.

Dangers present in field trips and leaving campus are those commonly experienced by and known to all persons traveling with young people within the United States.SMA cannot and does not claim to control these dangers.As a result, students must exercise an appropriate level of maturity and self-discipline for their ages and extend the effort necessary to protect their individual safety.Each student is urged to be continually on guard for the safety of others in the group and circumstances which impair that safety.

Parents/Guardians must inform themselves of the details of field trips and leaving campus and the level of supervision. Parents/Guardians wishing more information about this should contact the school before signing, and then determine for themselves, considering their child’s behavior patterns and maturity whether their child possesses the maturity and ability to accept direction and function responsibly and safely as a member in the unfamiliar situation.SMA cannot be expected to control student behavior that is contrary to directions given.

SMA will make no judgment about the safety of non-school public transportation (common carriers) used, traffic hazard situations, unlawful behavior of strangers, and other dangers to be found in the surroundings. SMA has purchased an accident and emergency sickness insurance policy for students on field trips.The maximum benefit payable per accident is in excess of any other insurance.SMA’s sole representation is that a quality educational experience will be pursued.

We hereby release and agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless St. Mary’s Academy, its officers, agents, employees, trip leaders and their assigns from any and all claims by any person, entity, or estate, in any forum that may arise against them by reason of property loss, injury and/or death incurred by the Student or Parent(s)/Guardian(s) resulting from any cause related to or arising out of (1) the student’s participation in this activity, (2) the school or trip leader’s negligence, or the negligence of others or other acts whether directly connected to these activities or however caused, and (3) by the condition of the premises or location where these activities occur, but excepting those acts that occur because trip leaders were grossly negligent in failing to take reasonable steps to protect the student from an immediate substantial hazard actually known to the trip leader.

Should an accident or other medical emergency occur during the trip or activity, and the leader is unable to reach a parent or guardian for medical authorization, I hereby give my consent for SMA and the responsible leader to authorize necessary care including, but not limited to, hospitalization or treatment, including injections, anesthesia, surgery, and medication.

I agree to be responsible for all debts not covered by the school which are incurred by the student during the trip or activity, and for all the expenses not covered by insurance that are incurred as a result of any accident, illness, or medical emergency involving the student.