The St. Mary’s Leadership Program launches student leaders who speak in their authentic voices, pilot new ideas with confidence, and generate leadership in others. Students develop their leadership skills through hands-on, real world application by engaging in place and project-based learning. The leadership program centers equity and inclusion, lifts up wellness and balance, and embodies the values of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. We welcome all students to an open and inquisitive community of exploration.

SMA Leadership students lead with their values. Collaboration, community building, mentorship, fostering equity and inclusions, and more are guiding the work of our student leaders.

Centering Equity and Inclusion


Community Building

Advanced Leadership Endorsement

Our leadership opportunities are varied and widespread, ranging from being captain of a sports team to directing over 100 students in committee work to achieve a desired outcome. While most student leadership opportunities develop organically—in multiple places and with a variety of leadership mentors/advisors—there are many students who have chosen a deeper dive into leadership during their journey at SMA. The Advanced Leadership Endorsement ensures students are able to tell the story of their leadership experience to colleges and employers by identifying what skills they have gained, speaking to those skills, and receiving a credential as evidence.


Michael Navarro

Titles: Student Success Specialist

Kerry Wright

Titles: Student Activities Director

Leadership Program Highlights:

  • Leadership at St. Mary’s Academy is hands on.
  • Women take the helm of every leadership role at St. Mary's.
  • Leadership programs continue to grow and develop based on student voices and the changing world around us.
  • St. Mary’s Academy’s has the most comprehensive Leadership Program in Oregon. All students are encouraged to join and try something new. 
  • Leaders are all stronger when we lean in, take risks, and learn from our experiences. Our students develop and create programs, pilot them, and then reflect and revise.