Retreat Programs

Freshmen Retreat

Our first-year students experience a one-day off-site retreat focused on community, the SNJM Charism, and what it means to be a person rooted in the SMA community. Students travel to an offsite location in TA-groups in order to be more fully present to the experience.

Sophomore Retreat
The entire sophomore class spends 24 hours together in this overnight, off-campus retreat to reflect on who they are, who they are becoming in light of their SMA experience, and their place in the community. Facilitated by their sophomore, junior and senior peers, this first overnight retreat is a staple in the sophomore experience.

Junior Encounter

Offered on three weekends each school year, this optional retreat historically pulls over 80 percent participation from the junior class, and facilitates a transformational experience. Through prayer, reflection and group sharing, students focus on their relationship with themselves, family, friends, their classmates, and God. This three day, two-night experience is grounding, full of fun, free from technology, and encourages each student to dive deeper into how their relationships with themselves, family, friends, God, and others impacts how they are growing.

Senior Metanoia

From the Greek metanoein meaning "to change one’s mind," this three day, two night retreat aims to help seniors take a new look at how their life after SMA will look, and encourages them to look back on the place that has helped shape them into who they are. Metanoia is offered once in the spring for any senior who wants to participate and is focused on fun, camaraderie, and shared appreciation and anticipation for life’s next major transition.