CMS Course

CMS Student Course

The CMS student-course is a for credit co-curriculuar course that meets during morning activity block each week. Together, students plan service programming, liturgies, and other ministry events throughout the school year.

Students are encouraged to enroll in the CMS course any time after the first semester of their freshman year. Through this for-credit course, students support ministry at St. Mary's Academy by agreeing to the community creed, assisting campus masses, facilitating service at school and in the community, and engaging in new and established ways of preserving our environment here and around the world.

The role of this course is twofold: 1) To provide space and structure for students to develop faith practice, deepen spirituality, and engage in ministry within the building. 2) To plan and implement ministry programming within the SMA community including mass, service projects, community prayer, and other programs.

Community Creed

With humility and in awe of the mystery of the Holy, we recognize that faith is a gift. With respect and compassion, we commit to listen to each other's journey towards seeking the Sacred – and to do so without judgment. All students may share any respectful position in discussion, presentation or writing. Mocking of any student's faith or struggle with faith questions will not be tolerated. We commit to support one another on this journey to understand each other, our Creator and ourselves.