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Resource Information

CDC Heads Up Concussion In Sports Parent/Student Information

The US Department of Health and Human Services Center for Disease Control's Concussion Information sheet for parents and students.

OHSU Concussion Fact Sheet

A comprehensive guide to concussions presented by the Oregon Health Sciences University's Sports Medicine Department.

REAP Return to Play Matrix

The Reduce/Educate/Accommodate/Pace matrix outlining the graduated return to play (RTP) steps a concussed student must progress through in order to return to full athletic activity.

ACL Screening/PEP Injury Prevention Program

St. Mary's Academy student-athletes participating in soccer, volleyball, basketball, skiing, lacrosse and tennis are offered the opportunity to work with the dynamic duo of West Portland Physical Therapy (WPPT) and OHSU Sports Medicine physicians to keep them on the court, pitch and on the slopes. SMA student-athletes are assessed and subsequently trained in the ACL injury prevention program known as the PEP warm-up.

With the higher incidence of ACL injuries occurring in women, this tremendous training tool provided by WPPT & OHSU under the direction of Kathi McCoy, PT and Dr. Melissa Novak has been a tremendous resource for the Blues. The players have clearly benefitted from the program on several levels including a reduction in lower extremity injuries, improved fitness and exposure to careers in sports medicine. St. Mary’s Athletic Department thanks our community partners for supporting our student-athletes and teams!!

For information/questions regarding the ACL Screening/PEP Injury prevention program, kindly contact Katherine McCoy, PT, MTC at .