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Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is a special tradition that honors a St. Mary's graduate whose outstanding accomplishments exemplify the spirit and mission of St. Mary's Academy in one or more of the following categories:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Innovation. This award is given to an alumna who is outstanding because of her success in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering or math).
  • Outstanding Achievement in Leadership. This award recognizes an alumna whose extensive and effective leadership contributions within her community or career field are extraordinary.
  • Outstanding Achievements in the Arts. This award celebrates the achievements of an alumna who has thrived in the visual or performing arts or arts education.
  • Outstanding Achievement in Athletics. This award showcases a dedicated alumna who embodies the true spirit of sport and sportsmanship through involvement in athletics during her time at St. Mary’s and beyond it.
  • Outstanding Service to the Community. This award recognizes an alumna who has provided exemplary dedication to her community through service to others.