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Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is a special tradition that honors a St. Mary's graduate whose outstanding accomplishments exemplify the spirit and mission of St. Mary's Academy in one or more of the following categories:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Innovation. This award is given to an alumna who is outstanding because of her success in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering or math).
  • Outstanding Achievement in Leadership. This award recognizes an alumna whose extensive and effective leadership contributions within her community or career field are extraordinary.
  • Outstanding Achievements in the Arts. This award celebrates the achievements of an alumna who has thrived in the visual or performing arts or arts education.
  • Outstanding Achievement in Athletics. This award showcases a dedicated alumna who embodies the true spirit of sport and sportsmanship through involvement in athletics during her time at St. Mary’s and beyond it.
  • Outstanding Service to the Community. This award recognizes an alumna who has provided exemplary dedication to her community through service to others.

2018 Academy Award Recipients

Da’Love Woods ‘00 - Achievement in Athletics & Community Service

Da’Love Woods ’00 is the President and Co-Founder of the Spread DaLove Foundation and is committed to providing fair opportunities to student athletes from underrepresented communities through her work. Da’Love was a super-star athlete during her time at St. Mary’s: 1st Team All metro, USA Today All-American athlete, and selected for the Oregon All-Star Team in 2000. Da’Love became a professional basketball player in 2007 when she moved to Germany, fulfilling her lifelong dream. She played professionally in several different European countries and even received the award for MVP (Guard of the Year) in the German DBBL League. Da’Love embodies the mission of St. Mary’s in her achievement in basketball and her commitment to giving back to others.

Sarina Rodrigues Saturn ’93 - Achievement in Innovation - Science

According to Portland Monthly Magazine, St. Mary’s alumna Sarina Rodrigues Saturn ’93, is an “innovator changing the world”. A self-described “science nerd,” Sarina reflects on her time at St. Mary’s as, “the place where I was allowed to truly blossom and embrace my science mind.” Sarina is currently a faculty member in the department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Portland and says she is on a “spiritual quest to help people lead healthier and happier lives.” Her current research investigates the biology underlying prosocial emotions and the intergenerational transmission of stress, warmth and resilience. Her research has been featured in the New York Times, National Public Broadcasting’s (NPR’s) Science Friday, Scientific American Mind and other international outlets.

Aimee Davison Tarlow ‘93 - Achievement in Innovation - Technology

Aimee Davison Tarlow ’93 is on the cutting-edge of the technology and innovation industry as Chief of Staff, Experience Design at Autodesk and board member of the Portland Innovation Quadrant (IQ). Aimee said of her time at St. Mary’s, “SMA was absolutely instrumental in developing who I am today.” She felt the St. Mary’s community reinforced her core values and provided her with exceptional examples of women in leadership. Aimee continues to champion the success of women as the lead of the Autodesk Women in Leadership organization in Portland, where she works to create an inclusive culture and provide career mentorship opportunities for women. In true St. Mary’s fashion, Aimee uses this platform to ensure women are respected, supported and treated as equals in high tech.

Christine Nyhart Kaplan ‘83 - Achievement in the Arts

Christine Kaplan ’83 graduated from St. Mary’s and headed for the sunshine of California. After graduating from Santa Clara University, she worked in the entertainment industry for 16 years on such television shows as Beauty and the Beast, The Larry Sanders Show and Seinfeld. After years of raising children and philanthropic fundraising, she recently decided to jump back into entertainment by starting her own Production Company called “Before You Think Productions.” Christine believes SMA provided the solid foundation that keeps her grounded to this day.

Louise Pearson ‘73 - Achievement in Leadership

Louise Pearson ’73 has a career filled with extraordinary leadership contributions. Louise started out with the intention of becoming a biochemist so she attended the University of Washington and received her B.A. in Chemistry. She then went on to pursue her M.A. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry at the University of Texas. While at the University of Texas, she discovered her interest in law, and decided to change her focus and pursue her law degree, graduating from the University of Houston Law Center. As a seasoned corporate attorney and strategic advisor, Louise has married both science and law, and is now currently General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Allscripts Healthcare.