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Sophomore Retreat and Week of Joy at SMA

The sophomore class just had retreat a couple of weeks ago. The day after getting back from Sophomore retreat, I got to catch a ride with one of my friends to the Scioly Camas invitational. In Math Club, we just took part in the AMC (American Math Contest) and we’re starting to plan...

Finals at SMA

Happy New Year! Finals are coming up at SMA, and the whole school is preparing! The MLK assembly was also this week, and it was very inspiring to watch.

Christmas At SMA!

This month was packed at SMA. Thanksgiving break was very fun and food-filled. The Winter concert, which was on the 3rd, was amazing! 5 other pianists and I played Believe from The Polar Express, and it went off without a hitch.

Hello, Welcome to my Blog!

Hi! I'm Nia, and I'm in the class of 2020 at SMA. I went to SUMMA at Stoller Middle School, and I like math and science. Here at SMA, I play in piano ensemble and do a lot of clubs.