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It was a productive but relaxing break, with lost of friends and good food as well as job applications and graduation prep. Service cord applications are due soon, and APIC is designing its stole for this year! 

AP tests are drawing nearer as is graduation, so spending time with friends has become very important! Teachers are so supportive for the AP test studying and prep, so it’s a lot easier to relax during the process. SMA UNITE day workshops were great, and we are doing a workshop rerun in APIC with Kristen Luna, on of our co-leaders! Also, congrats to Jenny, our new Rose Princess!

This break, I got into the Honors College at OSU, as well as went back to India to see my family again. I missed my grandparents so much and it was wonderful to see them again. And I’m so glad to be done with the admissions process, and a huge thanks to my college counselor, Carolyn Gazeley! Looking forward to choosing my dorm and getting ready for college this summer!