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Admissions Standards

A common question asked by prospective parents is, "what kind of student will do well at St. Mary's Academy?" Although there really is no definitive answer to this question, we do find that St. Mary's best serves students who:

      • Have a solid foundation in basic skill areas
      • Possess openness to spiritual growth and development
      • Are kind, respectful, responsible, and contributing citizens
      • Demonstrate self-discipline and organizational skills
      • Manage time effectively and independently
      • Can commit to a daily routine of work at school and at home
      • Value a multicultural community
      • Provide leadership in the school
      • Can successfully balance academic challenges with extracurricular activities and family life

This is a profile of an ideal student. If you believe that your daughter is growing in these areas, we believe the St. Mary's Academy environment can provide a positive educational experience for her.

Minimum Admissions Standards

Basic admission standards, we ask that all applicants meet the following minimum criteria:

      • No D or F grades in core subjects
      • Satisfactory behavioral and attendance records
      • Satisfactory recommendations from current Principal, Math, and English teachers
      • Scores at or above grade level on the STS High School Placement Test