iPad Purchase

The graduating class of 2024 has the option to purchase their SMA iPad for $90.00. To purchase with a debit or credit card enter the name of the student and click Buy Now below (you will be redirected to PayPal).

Please review the Important Notes below before purchasing.

Student First and Last Name:

For those that do not have the option to pay online please email tech.help@smapdx.org to arrange alternative payment (check or cash) before May 30th. You must include the name of the student with the payment.

Important Notes:

  • Only students who are graduating from St. Mary's Academy are eligible to purchase.
  • These iPads are sold "as is" with no warranty.
  • For the iPads to be removed from the school there is a process that must be coordinated through Tech Help that will include resetting them to the factory, removing the activation lock, and then setting them up as if they were a new iPad. They cannot restore from iCloud backup as the iPad will wind up being associated with the school once again.
  • Once we release the iPads from the school, they are yours to do with what you will; continue to use, reset them to factory settings and sell/give to someone else, etc.
    • If you are interested in the value of these iPads the model is iPad Generation 7 (A2197), Wi-Fi, 128GB, Silver to look up on your favorite sales sites.
  • iPads that are not purchased and are not returned to the school will be permanently disabled and family accounts will be charged.