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Update iOS

When you see this symbol on your iPad then a new iOS update is ready to install. You should install the update unless Tech Help @ SMA has emailed that you shouldn't.

  • Before you update click here to ensure your iPad is backed up to iCloud before updating (optional but highly recommended).
  • To update go to Settings > General > Software Update > Install.

Note: On occasion, if you wait too long between updates, it may appear that you lose files when you finally do update. This is temporary as your iPad is likely clearing up installation files and updating Apps before your files will reappear. So don't panic as there is a 99% chance they will come back but it could be a couple of hours depending on how big a jump you made between iOS versions.

In addition, Apple applications like Pages and Keynote use iCloud Drive so be sure to have this on (green) before you update.

Finally, restrictions may be placed on iPads if students have been notified multiple times that they need to update and failed to do so.

For questions contact Tech Help @ SMA.