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iPad Damaged?

If the iPad (or cable/charger) has been damaged (screen cracked, housing dented, etc.) follow instructions below.

  • AppleCare+ repair cost to family: $50
    • For first two instances of incidental damage to an iPad.
  • iPad full replacement cost to family: $548
    • For third instance of incidental damage to an iPad.
    • For extensive damage to the iPad that result in no serviceable parts (determined by Apple).
    • For lost or stolen iPad.

Problem: iPad has been physically damaged where the screen is cracked, the housing is dented, buttons are missing, etc.

  • Bring iPad to Tech Help @ SMA staff for replacement.
  • Bring $50* cash or check (made out to St. Mary's Academy).
  • Expect that the transfer to a new iPad can take up to 2 hours so plan accordingly.
  • Note: The first two iPads that are damaged the cost to repair with AppleCare+ is $50*. The third time it is $548 to replace the unit.
  • * If Apple determines that there are no serviceable parts on the iPad due to extensive damage, abuse, taking apart the unit or attempted repair by a third party the family may need to provide full replacement cost for the iPad.
  • DO NOT bring to Apple/Mac store for repair or replacement. The agreement between Apple and St. Mary's Academy requires that iPads be repaired/replaced by our Tech Help @ SMA staff. No exceptions.
  • DO NOT take it to a third party for repair as it will negate the AppleCare warranty and require full replacement cost for unit.
Broken iPad
Problem: iPad cable or charger has been damaged.

  • Bring cable to Tech Help @ SMA staff for replacement.
  • Bring $20 cash or check (made out to St. Mary's Academy). Note: Bring $40 if both have been damaged.
  • Note: We have a limited number of used chargers/cables (turned in by class of 2015) that are available for purchase for $5 each. (Limit one of each per person per school year)
  • You are welcome to replace the cable and charger as needed with Apple or other compatible brand. However, if the iPad is returned to SMA due to graduation or withdraw the cable must be Apple brand of charger and cable. No exceptions.
Broken Lightning Connector

Contact Tech Help @ SMA staff for any questions or concerns.