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Classroom Technology

Although the technology differs throughout the building there are some fairly common things to how it is used. Here are the most common attributes of the classroom technology:


  • All of them take a minute or two to power on and reach full brightness.
  • To power them off press the power button twice.
  • All of them should be powered off at the end of the school day to extend the life of the lamp/screen.


  • Faculty are issued laptops so there are no longer computers installed in each of the classrooms.
  • There are VGA and audio cables in every classroom so that computers can connect to the projector. Most commonly they use "Computer 1".

Apple TV

  • All classrooms have an Apple TV connected to "HDMI" on the projector/screen.
  • All of them communicate with our network.
  • All of them will do AirPlay mirroring with video and sound.

For issues or questions about a specific classroom please contact