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Technical Support


"Location Services" and "Find My iPad" should both be enabled at all times.

  • With these options it is easier to locate a misplaced iPad using
  • It also prevents someone from erasing the iPad and using it as their own.

Remember that you should never delete or change your Apple ID for as long as you are at SMA. App licenses are assigned specifically to Apple IDs especially the ones that are paid for by SMA. If you change your Apple ID we will not provide a second license for paid Apps so the cost will have to come from the family.

Please contact Tech Help @ SMA if you have any questions about the information posted on these pages.

Welcome to the Tech Help @ SMA page! There is an icon on everyone's iPad that links to our new Help Center or you can click on the floating "Help" button on the bottom right of this page if you are looking for something specific for technical support.