Welcome to the Hive! 

The Hive is a warm, welcoming, open library environment used for research, innovation, and collaboration. The Hive's collection is curated to support student academic needs, to promote creativity and connection, and to encourage a love for learning. In addition to print and digital resources, the collection includes laptops, craft supplies, puzzles, games, and more.


All St. Mary’s Academy students are required to have a MultCoLib card from the Multnomah County Library in order to access the vast array of academic databases available through the MultCoLib system. All St. Mary’s Academy students are eligible to apply for a MultCoLib card.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

Online application approval is instant; students will be able to use the MultCoLib online services and to place holds right away.

Note: students MUST pick up their new library card IN PERSON from the library chosen as their “home library” on the online application within 6 months of applying for the card. If a student does not have a home MultCoLib branch, we suggest selecting the “Main” library branch, located just a few blocks away from St. Mary’s Academy, as the home library. 




School Days 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Special school events may alter availability of library for students.