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Social Science

Social Science Department Vision Statement

The Social Sciences Department endeavors to nurture student curiosity about the past and present so as to lead them to make informed and creative decisions in a diverse and changing world. Through questioning, research, analysis, and communication of ideas we help students understand and engage in a lifelong exploration of the human condition.


Joan Nyland '78, Team Lead

St. Mary's Academy Alumna
BA History, University of Oregon

MA Education, University of Michigan

Matthew Vannelli

BA Environmental Studies, Ecological Anthropology, Binghamton University
MAT Secondary Education, Binghamton University

Donald Housley

BA History, Portland State University
MST Social Studies, Portland State University

Alexis Lund
BA Mathematics (minor in History), Montana State University
M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction: Social Studies, Concordia University

Ian Park

BS Political Science and Middle East Studies, University of Oregon
MAT Education, Concordia University

Alexa Duda

BS Secondary Education and History, University of Portland
MEd Educational Leadership, University of Portland