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Science Department Vision Statement

Through developing an understanding of and ability to apply basic scientific principles, the Science Department seeks to provide students with the skills and proficiencies necessary for success in future, modern, scientific studies, and an appreciation of the role of science in their own lives.

Course Offerings:

Honors Chemistry
Honors Biology
Environmental Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
Scientific Research Methods (SRM)

Graduation Requirements: 1 year of Physics, 1 year of Chemistry, 1 year of Biology

Meet a Faculty Member

Science Faculty

Julia Stadler

Science Department Chair, Science Faculty

Maureen Daschel

Class of 1977
Science Faculty, TIES Advisor

Anu Deshpande

Science Faculty

Cindi Hounton

Science Faculty

Mimi Loser

Science Faculty

Rachel Sloan

Science Faculty