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Math Department Vision Statement



The Mathematics Department facilitates the development of effective problem-solvers and flexible, critical thinkers. We work to construct a foundation of skills and understanding that will result in mathematically confident young women who have broader options for the future.


Course Offerings:

Algebra 1
Accelerated Algebra 1
Honors Geometry
Algebra 2
Algebra 2/ Trig
Honors Algebra 2/Trig
Advanced Functions and Statistics
Honors Pre-Calculus
AP Calculus
PSU Challenge Calculus 2 & 3
AP Computer Science

SMA Math Course Trajectories

Graduation Requirements: 3 years, 3 credits

Mathematics Faculty

Cynthia Berger

Mathematics Faculty

Kevin Frank

Mathematics Faculty

Rachel Gardner

Mathematics Faculty

Brian Kelley

Mathematics Faculty

Mary Clare Metscher

Department Chair, Mathematics Faculty

Christina Sanders

Mathematics Faculty

Ellen Tevik

Mathematics Faculty