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Academic Support

The purpose of the Academic Support Team is to inspire, challenge, and empower students by providing the academic and supportive services necessary for their success and ultimate graduation from St. Mary’s Academy.

If students are to succeed, they must be actively involved in their learning, believe in themselves and appreciate the links between what they learn today and who they will become tomorrow.

To achieve this goal, the Academic Support Team aims to assist students in developing the skills, independence, and confidence necessary to succeed in an academic environment and in their lives outside of school as well.

Meet The Personal & Academic Counselors

Academic Support Team

  • Anne Hagge, Director of Student and Academic Support
  • Liane Rae, Assistant Principal
  • Patty Gorman, Dean of Students

Personal/Academic Counselors:

  • Robin Eisenbach
  • Lexi Marquardt
  • Heather Murphy

Support Center Faculty:

  • Allison Gaines
  • Christine Moller
  • Shannon More

Full Faculty/Staff Directory