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Fine Arts

Fine Arts Department Vision Statement

Through appreciation, creation, and performance, the Fine Arts Department encourages students to discover and develop their artistic skills, produce and interpret expressive forms of communication, and recognize the importance of the arts in enriching their lives, as well as the world around them.

Course Offerings:

Freshman Fine Arts (year): Dance/Visual Arts Appreciation, Music/Theatre Appreciation

Visual Arts Courses:

Ceramics 1, 2 and 3
Drawing 1 and 2
Painting 1 and 2

AP Studio Art: 2D Design, Drawing

Dance Courses:

Beginning Dance Technique
Intermediate Dance Technique
Advanced Dance Technique

Music Courses:

Class Piano
Advanced Class Piano
Concert Choir
Marian Instruments: Orchestra
Marian Instruments: Advanced String Ensemble
Marian Instruments: Piano Ensemble
Marian Singers
Music Theory and Composition 1 and 2
Rose Choir
Show Choir and A Cappella

Theatre Courses:

Theatre 1: Beginning Acting and Technical Skills
Theatre 2: Theatre in Action
Theatre 3: Advanced Skills and Focus
Musical Theatre
Theatre for Social Change

Graduation Requirements: 1 year, 2 semester credits

Meet a Faculty Member

Fine Arts Faculty

Jordan Beck

Theatre Faculty

Kathy Briggs

Department Chair, Music Faculty, Director, Marian Singers

Sarah Brown

Fine Arts Faculty

Travis Hatton

Music Faculty

Molly Kaplan

Fine Arts Faculty

Ashley McCullar

Music Faculty

Shannon More

Theatre Faculty, Theatre Director, Support Center Faculty

Jessica Zoller

Fine Arts Faculty

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