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College Counseling

Our mission and passion in College Counseling is to support and equip students for their college search. We are here to help as they research, apply to and choose colleges, or consider gap year plans and other post-high school options.

When we think about “best fit” colleges for a particular student, we consider the student’s:

  • Academic ability, interests and potential
  • Social, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Identity and unique qualities
  • Financial resources and circumstance
  • Likelihood of admission

Our vision:

  • Each student has a supportive, personal relationship with their college counselor
  • Each student feels understood, valued, well-informed, and excited about their choices
  • Each student has a positive college choice and/or options in May
  • Each student has opportunities to learn about herself and prepare for life responsibilities
  • Each student has resources to learn about careers and college majors
Naviance Site

Access to Naviance, our web-based college counseling software, is available spring of sophomore year. Click the link above to access. Please contact your college counselor with any issues accessing the site.

Class Specific Information


Courtney Best

College Counselor

Elaine Forde

College Counselor

Carolyn Gazeley

College Counselor

Anne Hagge

Director of Student and Academic Support

Karlen Suga

Director of College Counseling

Erica Wells

College Counseling Assistant, Theology Faculty
College Counseling School Profile

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