Please visit the College Board website (AP 2023-24) for AP’s most current information on exams and student resources. 

Students interested in taking AP courses must take prerequisite courses at SMA and receive the relevant department's approval during the forecasting period. You can find more information about requirements for AP courses on the forecasting page 

St. Mary's offers the following courses as part of our AP program. Students may take exams for these courses through SMA. We cannot offer exams for courses we do not teach; however, PPS high schools and Central Catholic have cooperated with our students in the past to offer AP exams in other subjects. Please see below for more details on AP exams. 

  • AP Biology 

  • AP Calculus AB 

  • AP Chemistry 

  • AP Computer Science 

  • AP English Language and Composition (junior year) 

  • AP English Literature (senior year) 

  • AP French 

  • AP Physics 

  • AP Spanish 

  • AP Studio Art 

  • AP U.S. Government 

AP Testing Fees for the 2023-2024 School Year 

The cost for AP exams is $98 for 2024. St. Mary’s will bill for exams in two stages: $40 in the fall upon the registration deadline, and the remaining $58 in the spring once exams are taken. This allows students who order an exam in the fall but decide not to take the exam in the spring to not be charged the full amount. After the deadline, the $40 is a non-refundable fee as we are required to pay AP for each exam we order, regardless of whether the exam is used. If students change their mind about wanting to take the exam after the October 27, 2023, deadline, it is $40 extra to place a late order. 

Cost to order and take exam: $98 

Cost to order exam and not take: $40 

Cost to order and take exam after the October deadline: $137 

Cost to order exam after the October deadline and not take it: $80 

Questions? Contact

Anne Hagge

Erica Wells