Information Science

Information Science Department Vision Statement

We believe in the essential nature of technology literacy and responsibility in our 21st century world. We believe in empowering young women to be builders, creators, dreamers, thinkers, researchers, collaborators, and doers. Above all, we believe that empowered women not only identify problems, they seek solutions.

Our wonderful library and computer labs are located in the Rosemary Stott Galbraith Information Science Wing. These rooms and resources are used daily by students, faculty and staff.

Course Offerings:

AP Computer Science
App Design 1 and 2
Intro to Computer Science
Principles of Design
Advanced Principles of Design
Tech Internship
Web Design

Graduation Requirements: 0.5 years, 1 semester credits

SMA Course Catalog


Information Science Faculty

Mike Bojorquez

Network and Systems Administrator

Brette Doyle

I.T. Director, Senior Network and Systems Administrator

Kira Smith

Class of 2014
Technology and Design Teacher