Young Women are Powerful

Our New Weight Room & Wellness Corridor is Empowering SMA Students

Over the summer our ground floor had a significant remodel, with the new spaces opened to students and teachers in the fall semester. This renovation project included the building of our Wellness Corridor with a new state-of-the-art weight room, a cardio room, and two studio spaces for dance and yoga, as well as two fabrication labs (FAB LABS that include a clean room, and a machine shop). The new spaces significantly broaden our course offerings, hands-on learning, and health and fitness offerings for student athletes and the entire student body.

The weight room and cardio room have all new equipment, which offer students safe and effective places for a strong workout. A second-time strength & conditioning student shared her experience in the new facility between lifting sets. “I love being able to track my progress and get stronger!”

St. Mary’s Academy students are showing up in a big way – Coach Gabbert has a full house at each strength & conditioning block, along with open-gym after school. “My goal is that they’ll be stronger by the end of the semester and that they’ll be able to enter any gym and confidently know how to use the equipment.” It is a rare treat for these young athletes to have a space to learn, expand their physical strength, and gain knowledge around their body’s abilities.

Our new weightlifting facility and entire Wellness Corridor embody who we are at SMA:

We believe young women are powerful – this space makes sure that happens!

We believe in pushing the boundaries – from shaky knees to sweaty brows, these girls are pushing themselves in inspiring ways!

We believe in the applause – each girl is cheered on by fellow students, coaches, and teammates.

We believe in the athlete – Our sports teams utilize this space as part of their dry-land training.

We believe in climbing, thriving, and setting the pace – weightlifting is a unique, self-driven, and empowering skill.

We believe in taking risks – approaching a barbell isn’t something many women do, and SMA students do it with confidence!

We are thrilled to have this space and utilize it to its full potential for years to come. The weight room is just one of the new additions to our Wellness Corridor. Stay tuned for continued stories about our FAB Labs and other additions to our beloved school!