Spring Sports Start at SMA

While the Flag Football Team has been getting a lot of attention at SMA, our other spring sports are also in full swing. This season, we have 248 spring athletes – making up over a third of the school. Spring sports include Track and Field, Tennis, Lacrosse, Golf, Dragon Boats, and Flag Football. Read on to find out more about the exciting updates happening in many of these areas!

This year, SMA has been working to elevate and celebrate our athletes as 50% of the student body play a sport. From the pep rallies celebrating each of our teams to the addition of Media Day – an opportunity to take in action photos – we have been centering and elevating our athletes. Interested in following along with the Blues as they close out the season? Follow us on Instagram!

On top of elevating our existing programs, we are excited to introduce a few additions to our SMA coaching staff.

Track and Field: This year, Carrie Yerton, Department Chair of Health and Wellness, has taken over as Head Track Coach. Not only is Carrie a revered educator at SMA, she also is the Assistant Cross Country coach in the fall. We are thrilled to welcome Carrie into this role. From the SMA staff, Admissions Coordinator Kara D’Ascenzo ’18 and DEI Specialist Ellie Glusman have also joined the Track coaching team to support Carrie and our other outstanding coaches. Other new coaches include Liz Baldwin, Dutch Yerton, Allisa LaPort and Kyle Murphy.

Lacrosse: We also welcome Lydia Maitland as our Head Lacrosse Coach at the start of the season. Lydia moved to Portland just over a year ago from Shelburne, Vermont where she was an Assistant Coach of the University of Vermont Field Hockey Team. Prior to coaching, she played for four years on the Catamount’s women’s Field Hockey team and served as a team captain her junior and senior year. In addition to coaching, she works at OHSU as a Research Assistant in the Children's Psychiatry Department.

The team is off to an amazing start both on and off the field – from starting their season strong with only one loss, to supporting each other at Media Day, the team is making great strides. According to Lydia, “I have always loved sports and been a big proponent of women and girls participating in athletics. I was excited to be able to coach such a wonderful group of hard-working, dedicated, and kind young women!” Additional coaches for the Lacrosse team include Katie Freeman and Autumn Beddington.