T.I.E.S. (Teaching, Integrating and Exploring Science) is a program started twenty-five years ago by alumna Maggie Gardner ’98 while she was a junior at St Mary’s. According to faculty member and former T.I.E.S. Advisor, Maureen Daschel ‘77, “Maggie hadn’t liked Science until she came to SMA and thought we should do something to share science with younger girls to get them interested and excited in science.” Maggie picked 5th grade because she realized they were an age group that did not have the same opportunities available to them as their middle school aged peers. She wrote a proposal, and the program was piloted with four 5th graders from four local Catholic grade school.  T.I.E.S. has always been a 1 (SMA student) to 1 (5th grade girl) mentorship.  The mentors work in groups led by a mentor captain to plan the monthly activities for the 5th graders.

Today, T.I.E.S. is a class at St. Mary's that meets once a week, Wednesdays after school. SMA students (T.I.E.S. mentors) plan fun science activities related to a particular topic (this year topics include Chemistry, Engineering / Computer Science, Forensics, & Life Science).

This year, there are twenty-three 5th graders from local Catholic elementary schools participating in T.I.E.S.  Twice a month, the 5th graders come to SMA for 2 hours to participate in the activities that the mentors have created and planned.  This program gives SMA students a chance to practice leadership skills in action while also supporting future generations of girls in STEM.

*photos from the 2019-2022 school year, prior to COVID.