Out of the Snow and Into the Woods

Out of the Snow and Into the Woods

Despite an unpredictable snowstorm that postponed opening night, our performing arts students showed their dedication and skills to not only pull off an incredible production, but also do so with grace and grit.

Friday afternoon, eager students filled the auditorium, bustling with excitement to cheer their fellow classmates and friends during an assembly preview of Into the Woods. The anticipation was palpable, and when the lights went down the room was transformed into a fairytale land with iconic storybook characters, whimsical displays of dancing giants, and edge-of-your-seat moments.

Every performance to follow was a success with each character owning her place on stage in every scene. Although the snowstorm was an obstacle, this production was well worth the wait!

We are extremely proud of these students and the passion they put into performing arts, from dance, vocals, and lively theatricals.

St. Mary’s production of Into the Woods was directed by Shannon More, vocal direction by Kathy Briggs, choreography by Jessica Zoller, and technical direction and design by Demetri Pavlatos of Lunar Theatrical. We were joined by Conductor, Alan Lytle and a live orchestra.