Meet Ellie Glusman — SMA's DEI Specialist

Meet Ellie Glusman St. Mary's Academy DEI Specialist

We are excited to introduce you to Ellie Glusman, our DEI Specialist. Ellie joined SMA in October and has hit the ground running. Having taught in a variety of schools as a long-time educator, Ellie jumped at the chance to bring her experience to supporting our future generation of women leaders. You can find Ellie either in the front hall or in the Co-Lab at school.

What excites you most about your new role as DEI Specialist? As DEI Specialist, I am excited about the opportunity to share new perspectives and explore the unique qualities of the staff and students at SMA and our place in society as global citizens.

When you began your career, did you ever imagine you’d have a leadership role at an all-girls Catholic school? What about SMA is unique to other schools? As I listen to groups of young women compliment and celebrate one other's strengths and ingenuity, I am overwhelmed with a sense of joy. I can see the commitment SMA has to establishing an environment where students can find "their people" not only through hard work, but also through belief in and admiration for inner fortitude.

Describe your perfect day at SMA. SMA has brought me so much joy in all its manifestations. Typical days involve interacting with students first thing in the morning with true reciprocation, hearing laughter in the hallways from both students and staff, observations of students arm in arm on their way to lunch, and students and staff supporting one another on difficult days.

What is it about leading and educating young women that makes you most proud? Listening to students engage in brave and sometimes uncomfortable conversations that result in better understanding of each other as individuals inspires me.

What do you find the most empowering about working with other female leaders and educators at SMA? Working with strong, insightful, and encouraging leaders drives me to continue my growth as an educator, colleague, and world citizen.

What advice would you give yourself if your were a student at SMA? Be kind to yourself, have courage and pay heed to self-reflect in your continual practice of active listening.

How does the mission of St. Mary’s resonate with you? As our world population grows and becomes more interconnected, helping guide our students in understanding a multitude of perspectives to promote SMA's mission of inspiring justice and leadership is deeply rooted in every aspect of my work.