Meet Ashley Sheridan — From Class of '01 to Vice Principal of Student Life

Meet Ashley Sheridan From Class of '01 to Vice Principal of Student Life

For the past 6 years, Ashley Sheridan ‘01 was Principal at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Beaverton. Since graduating from SMA in 2001, Ashley has been trying to make her way back to her beloved high school. Did you know that she graduated with her twin sister and cousin? We are thrilled to welcome Ashley back as Vice Principal of Student Life.

When you began your career, did you ever imagine you’d have a leadership role at an all-girls catholic school? What about SMA is unique to other schools? I graduated with a degree in psychology. Within a few years, I realized teaching was what I wanted to do. Once I began teaching, I knew SMA was my goal. SMA is unique because it's women for women. The silly societal noise is muted a bit while everyone here focuses on what's best for the next 600+ dynamic leaders we will graduate into a chaotic world. You can feel the difference immediately when that mission is on the forefront of everyone's mind.

As an SMA alumna, how does it feel to return in a leadership role? What about SMA inspires you most? My time at SMA was transformational. I found my voice here over 20 years ago. I am overjoyed to be back and work hard to create that experience for other women. I knew in my heart I would find a way back to St. Mary’s. I am excited to join SMA staff and see, feel, and hear how passion for women's education and leadership drives decision making, joy, and belonging.

What do you find the most empowering about working with other female leaders and educators at SMA? I'm inspired by the staff at SMA. The women leaders and educators here are so SMART! Wow! I’ve already learned so much in the short time I've been here. I will strive to be as well read and well prepared as these women.

What is it about leading and educating young women that makes you most proud? I'm proud to be a part of a community, led by the Sisters, that empowers and amplifies the female voice. Girls of today face many battles that my generation never did - social media, safety, political/racial/societal unrest, and more. I'm proud to be a steady, faithful influence, and hopefully provide a safe ship in rough waters.

How does the mission of St. Mary’s resonate with you? I believe SMA's mission follows Mary's life and empowers us to emulate her willingness to humbly embrace joy and challenges, to ask Jesus for what we need, and walk with others in their pain. Mary is often perceived as docile, but her journey is full of strength, hope, and love. St. Mary’s mission, led and demonstrated to us by the Sisters, prepares women to be strong, hold and give hope, and spread love.