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Taking Action With CommuniCare by Ella Whitaker '21 and Emily Housley '21

Everyone wants to make a difference. Service has always been a principal part of our lives, especially as students at St. Mary’s Academy, but it is often difficult to figure out how to take action. As juniors at St. Mary’s, we became members of our school’s founding chapter of CommuniCare, a youth grantmaking program of the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation.

Teaching in a Virtual World

In preparation for the 2020-21 academic year, the St. Mary’s Academy admin team forged a Back-to-School Task Force that sought to examine every aspect of school, ensuring readiness for various reopening scenarios, including both in-person and remote instruction. Among the many initiatives to enhance health and safety for the St. Mary’s community, the Task Force approved the purchase of technology designed to livestream classes from the school building and enhance the remote learning experience for students. This technology, called Swivl, uses a camera to track teacher movement around the classroom, allowing them to move freely and offering students a 360° view of the teaching environment, while increasing engagement.

St. Mary’s Academy Launches Leadership Program for Student-Athletes   

As St. Mary’s Academy students start school this fall, it is not just the academic program that will move to an online format.  Everything from assemblies to Mass to extracurricular activities have been re-imagined for a digital environment, including athletics.  While student-athletes won’t be able to formally compete until almost the end of the year as per the new OSAA guidelines, St. Mary’s Academy student-athletes will have the opportunity to immediately take part in our new program, Leadership: On and Off the Field, designed to develop the leadership skills that participating in sports helps to instill.

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