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Dedication, perseverance and an insatiable desire to learn and excel are traits that have enabled our 2018 Valedictorian Bea Pickett to succeed throughout her time at St. Mary’s. Bea has displayed a strong sense of focus and determination ever since she stepped foot in SMA as a freshman, and it’s no surprise that these traits have put her at the top of her class and earned her a spot in Yale’s Class of 2022.

When asked what she loves most about St. Mary’s, Salutatorian Kara D’ascenzo said, “I really enjoy that the St. Mary’s community is loving and supportive, and that everybody is also willing to hold you accountable to work hard and challenge yourself. It’s very inspiring to be part of a group of women that are accomplishing great things, which inspires you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.”

You can depend on St. Mary’s Science Olympiad team to prove that women can excel in STEM. This year’s program consisted of three 12-person teams that completely dominated at the state competition. This group of science experts competed in a variety of challenging tests and labs to take home 1st, 5th and 6th place, collectively earn thirty 2nd and 3rd place medals, and secure them a spot at the National Tournament. If that’s not impressive enough, this was the first year competing for many members of the team, demonstrating that no challenge is too big for St. Mary’s girls. 

As a student at St. Mary’s Academy, Jennifer Schulte Masi ’94 envisioned a world of opportunities and considered possibly pursuing a career in architecture. Little did she know that her background as a student athlete and the skills she was acquiring would take her in a different direction, leading her to a career that would allow her to work with some of the biggest brands and sports teams in the nation

For St. Mary’s students, learning does not stop inside the classroom thanks to the many organizations, resources and institutions available just a few blocks away from our campus. Recently, students in Theresa McAffrey’s 2D Design class were able to visit the highly acclaimed Pensole Footwear Design Academy to learn how the skills they’ve acquired in class apply to our city’s thriving athletics industry.

As a student at St. Mary's Academy, Mya Brazile '19 has excelled in the classroom, as a student leader and on the court as member of the accomplished Blues Basketball team. It's very obvious to all who meet her that she is destined for many more great things to come. 

At our recent Scholarship Luncheon, Mya gave a speech in which she thanked our many generous donors for making this opportunity possible. Learn about Maya's story and why she thinks it's important for community members to support St. Mary's. 

Last month St. Mary’s Academy seniors attended Metanoia, a beloved SMA tradition and the culminating retreat for these young women before they graduate. This unique weekend experience is designed to inspire and provide a space for graduating students to reflect on their time at St. Mary’s Academy, the connections and friendships they’ve made and how these past four years will influence their goals and lives beyond our campus doors.

Leave it to St. Mary’s girls to figure out a way to combine science, art, service and innovation in order to positively impact our community and eliminate waste in the environment. During the past few months, students in Liane Rae’s TA class have been diligently working on crocheting sleeping mats constructed from plastic bags to provide a valuable resource to Portland’s homeless population and reduce waste caused by these common household items.

St. Mary’s Academy’s Beta Blues have been making waves these past few years. As the only all-girls robotics team in Oregon, they are continuously demonstrating the impact of women in STEM . This past year, our team had an exciting season and built a sophisticated robot which shows off their hard work and growing expertise.

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