Faculty/Staff Directory

Faculty and Staff Directory

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Jessica Acee

Director of Student Leadership and Activities

Valerie Angelus

Staff Accountant

Coralynn Arrigotti

Class of 1983
Senior Director of Leadership Gifts

Beth Bachhuber

Cafe Director

Kate Baldwin

Director of Advancement

Sonya Barker

Personal Academic Counselor

Jen Bash

Director of Admissions

Emily Becker

Class of 1986

Sanjay Bedi

Assistant Athletic Director

Cynthia Berger

Mathematics Faculty

Courtney Best

College Counselor

Mike Bojorquez

Network and Systems Administrator

Kathy Briggs

Department Chair, Music Faculty, Director, Marian Singers

Katie Cassidy

Class of 2005
Yoga Teacher, Theology Teacher

Kenzie D'Ambrosio

Assistant Dean of Students & Attendance
1 2 3 6 > showing 1 - 15 of 89 constituents