Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

St. Mary’s Academy, guided by the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and Catholic values, is committed to being a diverse community in which all members are safe, respected, valued, and they feel that they belong. Excellence must include promoting a diverse learning environment that affirms diversity, equity and inclusion, and fosters intellectual, social and emotional growth for all.

Student Groups & Programs

UNITE Day | Justice Month

UNITE Day is an annual event at St. Mary’s in which the student body takes a break from lessons to learn from their peers about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Workshop presenters take on an issue, compile extensive research and build a workshop for their peers. UNITE Day feature workshops discussing issues from redlining, environmental justice, medical racism, intersectional feminism and more! The diversity of information in these workshops shared in a peer-to-peer exchange creates a one of a kind space for students to learn and connect.  

Affinity Groups

St. Mary's is home to affinity groups where students can connect over shared backgrounds and experiences.

Asian Pacific Islander Club
Black Student Union
First Nations Student Union
Immigrant Student Union
Jewish Student Union
Latino Student Union
Muslim Student Association
Queer Student Union

Student Equity Team

Student Equity Team tackles systemic change by creating events and fostering opportunities for discussion around equity and inclusion. The student equity team also partners with the Adult Equity Team and Women of Color in Action to insure equity within the SMA community. 

Women of Color in Action Executive Council (WOCA)

Women of Color in Action Executive Council (WOCA EC) works to foster an understanding of racial justice and equity throughout the SMA community from the perspective of students of color. WOCA EC promotes togetherness, learning and growth through education, open discussions, mentoring and activities.

Diversity at St. Mary's

Iris Martin

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Specialist

Michael Navarro

Student Success Specialist

Jessica Acee

Director of Student Leadership and Activities