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SMA 2019 Auction Surpassed $1 Million Goal

Laughter, connections, support and tears of joy filled the air inside the Oregon Convention Center’s Portland ballroom for St. Mary’s Academy’s 31st Annual Auction. Towards the end of the evening, St. Mary’s Academy President, Christina Friedhoff, proudly announced the silent and live auction event met the goal of one million dollars.

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Unite Day 2019

The stated mission of St Mary’s Academy’s UNITE Day reads “By implementing a day committed to equity and inclusion, we strive to promote cultural relevancy, identify and eliminate microaggressions and discrimination, remind ourselves of the necessity of environmental conservation, and inspire positive change as we refocus the lens of social justice on our own community,” but in the words of senior Madeleine Adriance, UNITE Day student director, UNITE is about telling stories.

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A Look Back at This Year's Science Olympiad Team

From St. Mary’s Academy athletes and Marian singers to aspiring scientists and school-wide leaders, the Science Olympiad team at SMA boasts one of the most diverse group of students on campus; despite this diversity, they all share one thing in common: an interest in the methodical study of science.

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Oh, The Places She’ll Go!

We are excited to announce that our 166 graduates in the St. Mary’s Academy class of 2019 will head to colleges and universities all over the world this fall. 

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