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 Asian Heritage Club  Joan Nyland

Asian Heritage Club's mission is to embrace and explore the Asian cultures of SMA students and the world at large. The club will engage in activities that highlight the rich and diverse cultures of the entire Asian continent, including the many types of art, food, music, dance, and entertainment.. Come to a meeting. Open to anyone with an interest in Asian culture.  Thursday, Lunch, 105


Cassady  Kennebeck

Welcome prospective students and their parents to explore SMA through events such as Open House and shadow visits.

See Admissions Office. Apply in the Spring. Watch for anouncements.

Check calendar outside
Admissions Office.


Art Club


Kathy Mitchell

The Art Club supports the visual arts with hands-on activities that explore a variety of media, and offers fun projects and explores different media often relating to seasons and holidays.

Open to all students. Come anytime.  Students may bring artwork to share.

Activity Block, 
Art Room, G-2

 National Art Honor Society NAHS

Kathy Mitchell 


Membership is based on art scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  This group directs the activities of the Art Club and works with the club to strengthen Visual Arts in the SMA community. Service hours earn the rainbow honor cord which may be worn at graduation.

Students must have taken at least three semesters of Visual Art classes.  Members meet character, leadership, and art G.P.A requirements and perform service hours according to a point system. Applications available in the fall. 


Tuesday, Activity Block, monthly
Art Room, G-2

 Blues Bridge Walk Committee Hilary Baker
Kathryn Reiner

Plan, coordinate and champion the Blues Bridge Walk Student Fundraiser. Committee members inspire and educate the student body to fundraise in support of SMA and get everyone excited about walk day! 
 See Special Events Office and apply in the Spring.  Watch for announcements, September-November.
 Black Student Union (BSU)
Falisha Wright

The Black Student Union is dedicated to educating and informing the SMA community about Black culture. Activities include films, service trips, and club bonding. These activities support our values of justice, service, cultural awareness, unity, and leadership. Come join the BSU if you want to help unite our community while having fun and also learning. 
 Come to a meeting. Open to all students.  Thursday, Lunch, 302

Campus Ministry and Service Team (CMS)


Maria Fleming
S. Carol Higgins
 Nicole Foran


Members of the CMS Team earn .25 credit per semester as a religion elective.  There are three teams within CMS: ministry, service, and green team. Students participate in leadership, both within the SMA community for retreats, service, and keeping SMA green and also by participating in community service locally and abroad.

Open to all students, of all faiths. Watch for announcements! Applications are accepted in January and May. Everyone is welcome to participate in the activities organized by CMS.

Study Block (B/D),


Doernbecher- Blues Making Miracles

 Michele Taylor

This group creates SMA’s Doernbecher Week.  Over the last 5 years, SMA raised over $40,000 to support the children’s hospital and other charities.

All students welcome. Watch for posters and announcements in late November.

D Activity Block, Commons. Occasional lunch meetings.

Dragon Boats

Tom Crowder

SMA Cruisers paddle in Rose Festival Race.  Practice after Spring Break and finish with big race @ waterfront during Rose Festival.

Watch for announcements in Feb. Practice early April to June!


M, W, F, 3:00 pm., 
Waterfront Park.

Earth Club

Jim Haster


Earth Club helps promote and inform SMA about 
Ecological issues and concerns.

Come to a meeting. Open to all students.

Tuesdays, Lunch  302

Encounter Leadership

Randy Kollars

Encounter Leaders plan and lead the two Jr. Encounters, Nov. and Feb. 

Any senior who has attended Encounter is invited to apply in mid September. See Mr. Kollars in Campus Ministry.  

Teams meet 3 times/week
for 90 minutes after school
 for 6 weeks prior to the
Encounter. Specific days
determined by
team members. 

Escribe Maria

Sara Salvi
Beverly Kiesel
Ben Peterson

Escribe Maria students select pieces of poetry, short fiction and art/photography for inclusion in St. Mary’s literary magazine of the same name, Escribe Maria. These works are produced by students. In addition to selecting student works, the group plays literary games, watches literary films, reads published poetry and prose, and fundraises. The year culminates each spring with the publication of Escribe Maria.

Membership is open to all. Come to a meeting in the fall.

Tuesdays, Lunch 109

Fashion Forward Club

Julia Stadler  

Fashion Forward Club is a positive and safe environment for students to express their personality through fashion and design.The club will examine both current fashion trends as well as traditional styles, study important icons, and explore issues associated with the fashion industry.
The club is open to anyone interested in fashion and personal style 2nd & 4th, Wednesdays,
Lunch, 209
 Food Club  
Francesca Cronan

Food Club is a place for students to connect with others who have a similar love and passion for food. Activities include videos, sharing recipes, and guest chefs or restaurant owners. Come to the meetings and you can be a part of the Food Club. 
 Everyone is welcome to join.  Tuesdays, Lunch, 102

Harry Potter Club

Steve Colley


Harry Potter Club allows fans to express their lore creativity, to create a stress-free environment to discuss Hogwarts lore and to have fun! Anyone and everyone is welcome!

Any student is welcome, fan or not.
Come to have fun!

Wednesdays, Lunch G-4  

History Club

Alexis Lund 



The History Club is for those who love history. We watch historical, but fun, films, share books and websites, and host the occasional guest speaker or tour.

Come to a meeting.

Thursdays,  Lunch,  206

Human Rights Club

Daniel Hemmen


Human Rights Club is a non-political club that focuses on bringing awareness to the student body about worldwide human rights issues. It is a hands-on club that emphasizes taking social action in order to bring justice to our world. 

Everyone is welcome to join.

Mondays,   Lunch, 304

Indian Cultural Club Francesca Cronan      
 Latino Student Union  Dena Stock-Marquez


 Latino Student Union is dedicated to learning about the many aspects that make up the Latino cultures in the Portland area and worldwide. We will learn about these cultures by sharing experiences, research, traditions, have guest speakers, watch film clips, and much more. Come learn about and experience the amazing Latino culture. 
 All are welcome. Come to meeting. 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, Lunch, G-3


 Michele Taylor  

LINK Crew organizes and leads a number of freshman events throughout the year, including Freshman Orientation, Frosh Lock-In and Cocoa & Cram.  

Apply in the Spring. Watch for announcements. 

Club is Semester 1 only. Meeting times vary; watch for announcements.

Math Club

Cynthia Heller


Fun math activities, prepare for math contests, plan PI Day.

Everyone welcome anytime.

Mondays, Lunch, 301

Mock Trial

Alyssa Tormala

Fall class (Oct-Dec) provides opportunity to learn about legal process and skills including argument, public speaking, and teamwork; develop strategies and roles for practice competition (serving as lawyers, witnesses and court official.) Earn 2.5 Social Studies credit.

Spring competition program (Dec-March, possibly May) provides opportunity to compete against other teams in regional competitions. Possibility of advancement to state and national competitions. 

Both are lots of work but lots of fun!

Open to all grades. 

Requirements for fall classes: mandatory attendance at practices (Mon/Wed after school 3:15 to 5 pm) and practice competition in December. Fee: $10 Watch for announcements in the fall.

Requirements for spring competition program: completion of fall class and/or previous experience in the SMA mock trial program. Mandatory attendance at practices and competitions. Fee: $30. 

Watch for


MUN Model United Nations


Patty Gorman

MUN is a .5 credit course.  Students are assigned a country and research topics facing the real UN.  This is an independent study course that culminates during a three-day conference at
U of O in April.

New membership is open to Soph/Jrs only.  Students apply and are selected in the fall. Watch for announcements.

Meeting times vary.

 Music Lovers Anonymous

Ian Park


A club for those who love their iPods, mix CDs , and playlists. A place to share love of music and   musical interests, from alternative to reggae to soul music. No musical boundaries, get the latest in music news and updates on local music happenings.

Everyone welcome anytime.

2nd & 4th Wednesdays,  Lunch, 205

National Honor Society

Patty Gorman


NHS is an organization that Juniors are invited to join if they have a cum. GPA of 3.6 and have met  a requirement for advanced course work,  leadership, character, and service.   NHS students tutor students,  hostess SMA events, and do at least one service project per semester.

If invited, apply to join in 2nd semester of junior year.

Usually 3rd Friday,
Lunch, 305

Novel Club

Carrie Housley


The Novel Club is for those who love to read and share their literary finds with others. We exchange book reviews and watch "Books on Film" at lunch.

Everyone welcome anytime.

Lunch,  101

 Oregon Battle of the Books  
Ellie Gilbert

 If you love to read, come and join us. Competitions begin in the spring.   Everyone is welcome. Thursday, Lunch,  103

Outdoor Club

Anne Hainley




Outdoor club strives to offer St. Mary’s students an opportunity to experience the beauty of Oregon wilderness  through hiking expeditions, education, and breathtaking experiences.

Open to all students. Come to a meeting.

Thursdays, Lunch, 104

Outdoor School

Nicole Foran

Spend a week in the fall or spring as a camp counselor at Outdoor School for 6th graders. Great fun! Earn .25 credit.

Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors apply in September for Fall and in January/February for Spring.  In January/February, Freshmen may apply to attend Oregon Trail.

Watch for announcements.

 Politics w/o Borders  

Donald Housley 

To encourage understanding and dialogue among various political perspectives while discussing current political issues. 
 Everyone welcome anytime Tuesdays, Lunch, 206

Photography Club

Marsi Thelin


To give those who have a passion for photography a place to share their own works and to help them understand the technical parts of photography.  

 Everyone welcome anytime 1st & 3rd Thursday, Lunch, G-4

Poverty Awareness Day Committee

Maura Timoney
Maria Fleming



Plan and organize Poverty Awareness Week,  April, 2015 with emphasis on promoting awareness and understanding of poverty issues in our city, our country, and our world.

All are welcome. Watch for announcements in December or January.

Wednesdays, Lunch, AUD
February through April  

Students Against Destructive Decisions

Janet Robertson


Educate student body on affects of alcohol and drugs.  Participate in Breast Cancer Awareness, Lee Denim Day Fundraisers, Grim Reaper Day and Spring SADD assembly.

All students welcome. Please join us.

Mondays,   Lunch, G-12

Science Club

Maureen Daschel
Molly Marra


Encourages and fosters student interest and involvement in the sciences both within the building and in the community.  Have fun exploring science interests outside the class.  Guest speakers, contests, videos, field trips, etc. etc.

Any student may join.

Tuesdays, Lunch, 209

Science Olympiad

Molly Marra

Science Olympiad is a competitive science team. Students prepare for a wide variety of lab, test, and building events in preparation for tournaments in the spring.

Join by application in September.

Fridays at 3:15, some Saturdays

Sci-Fi Fantasy Club

Matt Vannelli

Meet to discuss the latest Sci-Fi trends, news, events, and movies.  Create and share original Sci-Fi literature and art.
Everyone is welcome to join. Mondays, Lunch, 206

SMA Dance Company

Kara Shuster


The SMA Dance Company is a performance-based ensemble dedicated to furthering the technical and artistic skills of the participating student dancers. Open to students of all levels and abilities on a semester-length commitment contract. The semester culminates in a final concert performance. 

Students must commit to participate for the full semester. The winter concert is December 8th at 2 p.m. The spring semester company will begin in February and the concert is in May. 

Fall: Mondays & Wednesdays
Watch and listen for announcements.

 SMA Podcast Matt Vannelli      
 Sodalitas Latina Latin Club             
Ben Peterson

Have fun learning Latin and experiencing the ModumRomanum! Everyone welcome. Mondays, Lunch 213

Student Government

Michele Taylor

Associated Student Body (ASB) and class officers work to serve  the SMA student body through planning and organizing fun events, leading the class on spirit days, and listening and responding to the needs of students.

Run for class officer! ASB and Class Officers elections in Spring; Freshman elections in October.

See postings outside
Student Activities office and listen to morning announcements. 

Usually: Lunch and B Activity Block, Room 303

Tech Club  Mike Bedney Tech Club is a place where students can explore many facets of technology through hands on experience. Tech Club provides the opportunity and access to play around with technology based on the interest of the students. Everyone welcome. Fridays,  Lunch 201

Theatre Club

Shannon More

To give students the opportunity to experience the many facets of theatre from production to spectatorship.  Theatre Club brings students together for a variety of theatre and non-theatre related activities. 

Theatre Club - anyone may join and no requirements.

Thursdays,  Lunch, Auditorium

Thespian Club

Shannon More


International Thespian Troupe 5277 - membership is granted for the performance of meritorious work in theatre arts that meets ETA's general guidelines.  This group directs the activities of the SMA Theatre Club and works with the club and school to strengthen theatre arts in the SMA community.


Thespians = point system through theatre work (production).

Thursdays,  Lunch, Auditorium


Maureen Daschel

Students mentor 5th grade girls, introducing them to the excitement and challenge of “doing” sciences through teaching topics, coordinating activities, guest speakers and field trips. Earn .5 credit.

Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors can apply to be mentors.  Frosh can be helpers.

Thursdays, 211, 3:15-4:15 -Mentors
Meetings with 5th graders scheduled in the fall. 


Tri-M Music Honor Society &  Musicians Club

Kathy Briggs


Club focuses on promoting music both in our school and in our community.  Musicians Club members who meet the criteria for Tri-M can apply to be officially inducted into the National Music Honor Society in the spring.  Tri-M stands for “Modern Music Masters.”

Students enrolled in Concert Choir, Marian Singers, Marian Instruments, or Marian Piano Ensemble.

Wednesdays,  Lunch, PAC

 Women's Equality Club  Nicole Foran

Women's Equality Club is focused on fostering discussion about feminism and gender equality. We will discuss current events and anything else related to the modern feminist movement. 
 Everyone welcome. 1st & 3rd  Wednesdays,  Lunch, 110

Writers Club

Kirk Ellis


Writers Club students share, critique their writing and learn from fellow writers, and support students interested in pursuing their creative writing outside of class.

Everyone welcome.  Come to a meeting.

Wednesdays,  Lunch, 101


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