Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry supports students in deepening their relationship with God through retreats, liturgies, prayer, community service, and spiritual direction.  St. Mary's Academy's mission and roots are in the Catholic Church and offer each young woman, through Campus Ministry and service activities, the opportunity to explore and to develop her spiritual values and her personal relationship with God.  Students of all faiths have a home here.  Time for reflection, special masses, and prayer services are part of regular school life.  Many students become involved in the Campus Ministry and Service (CMS) Team planning community liturgical celebrations, service projects, environment focused projects and retreats.  The CMS Team earns .25 credit per semester for this work.



All-School Liturgies are held monthly throughout the school year to allow students the opportunity to pray together, to celebrate religious holy days, St. Mary’s Founders’ Day and special occasions.  Attendance at these liturgies is required and students are expected to dress up. Students have the option to participate in a weekly liturgy. CMS students assist the Campus Minister in planning the all-school and weekly liturgies.


Retreat Program

Freshmen Immersion Retreat:  In the fall, all freshmen participate in a one day homeless immersion with their TA.  Students learn about issues of homelessness by engaging in dialogue with their peers and with people who live on the street.  This immersion experience is an excellent way to help students become educated about poverty and social justice through experiences and conversation.  Reflection on the experience helps students focus on the needs of others and examine their own values and perceptions.  

Sophomore Retreat:  In the spring, the sophomore class spends 24 hours together off-campus to reflect on who they are, who they are becoming as a member of the St. Mary’s community and their place in the community.  The day is filled with prayer, reflection, dialogue, fun and sharing. 

Junior Encounter:  Two encounter retreat experiences are held each year, one is held in November and one in February.   Each Encounter is 2 ½ days and is held off-site.  Juniors have the option to participate in one of the encounters. Through prayer, reflection and large and small group sharing, students focus on their relationship with self, family, friends, their classmates and God. 

Senior Metanoia:  One senior metanoia (retreat) is held each year in the spring.  This weekend experience is a wonderful opportunity for seniors to reflect on their time at St. Mary’s, their relationships, and preparation for their move to life after high school.

The Office of Campus Ministry works to foster the mission of St. Mary's Academy by sponsoring activities that support faith, spirituality and the development of young women.

CMS Team

Campus Ministry & Service (CMS) Team is a group of students whose focus is the art of pastoral ministry and its application in prayer, worship, faith-sharing and community service in the life of SMA students. Members of CMS earn .25 credit per semester as a religion elective.



CMS Website

The Community Service Program, a tradition at St. Mary's Academy, aims to foster a life-long commitment to serving others.  While SMA does not have a yearly requirement, it is highly encouraged.  The Community Service Coordinator matches the students' interests and skills with the needs in the community.  Currently, the following individual and group opportunities for service are available:

  • "Friends Across Generations" through Friendly House
  • Christmas Luncheon for the Elderly
  • Christmas giving through TA
  • Food and Clothing Drives, including the Sister Shawn Marie Barry Drive in April
  • Emergency relief drives and other service projects as they emerge throughout the year.
  • Immersion Opportunities:
    • Frosh Immersion, fall
    • Rural Immersion, fall
    • Homeless Immersion, spring
    • Los Embajadores, Portland Plunge, summer
  • Many other service opportunities are available throughout the year and are posted for all students

Students involved in the Campus Ministry and Service (CMS) Team plan many of these projects and encourage their classmates to participate.  Juniors may take a Social Justice class or seniors may take a theology class related to the work of the CMS team, which also involves leadership training.  More information is contained in the course catalog.

For more information on St. Mary's Academy service, click here.

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