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CMS Course

Students, please click here for a draft of the Fall 2016 CMS-Syllabus.

Community Creed

With humility and in awe of the mystery of the Holy, we recognize that faith is a gift. With respect and compassion, we commit to listen to each other's journey towards seeking the Sacred – and to do so without judgment. All students may share any respectful position in discussion, presentation or writing. Mocking of any student's faith or struggle with faith questions will not be tolerated. We commit to support one another on this journey to understand each other, our Creator and ourselves.

Students are encouraged to enroll in the CMS course any time after the first semester of their freshman year. Through this for-credit course, students support ministry at St. Mary's Academy by agreeing to the community creed, assisting campus masses, facilitating service at school and in the community, and engaging in new and established ways of preserving our environment here and around the world.

The CMS course is divided into three teams: Ministry, Green and Service. All three teams work in concert to help facilitate all campus ministry-related programming on campus. Each has a specific role to accomplish CMS goals effectively and with the widest breadth of impact on our school community.

Ministry Team

Led by Sr. Carol Higgins, the ministry team is primarily responsible for the regular operations of weekly chapel/PAC and monthly all-school masses. Students sign up for one of the regular ministries for each mass and coordinate with their ministry team student-leader or Sister Carol to ensure they are prepared for their assigned dates. A description of mass responsibilities can be found here.

Service Team

Led by Student Service Coordinator Maura Timoney ’09, the service team’s chief goal is to promote, expand and participate in service projects both on and off-campus. Students, under the guidance of the service coordinator, organize opportunities for student engagement related to social, economic and ecological justice. Not to be confused with general service opportunities at St. Mary's, the CMS service team is a dedicated group of individual students who work together to help facilitate the dissemination of information for and coordination of service programming suitable for all students. To learn more about general service opportunities and other service-related information at SMA, click here.

Green Team

Led by Campus Minister Randy Kollars, the green team’s main job is to ensure that SMA’s commitment to environmental justice is being reflected through all of our ministries. Team members work together to take responsibility for all hallway recycling and coordinate with other groups on campus, such as the Earth Club and Science Club, to help plan and implement school-wide programs that encourage stewardship of the environment. To read more about how SMA is a steward of our globe, please read the NCEA profile.