St. Mary's Academy periodically profiles students, staff and faculty to help connect everyone to the larger SMA community. The profiles are created in the interest of sharing the diversity of backgrounds and experiences embodied by the Blues. St. Mary's values and fosters opportunities for members of its family to learn about and from one another.

We invite you to explore these profiles and find out more about some of the amazing people walking our hallways.

Emily Purkey '17
- Devon Thompson '15  
- Sonja Johanson '18
Devan Driscoll-Roach '17
- Charlotte Karlsen '16
- Malia Hee '16
Dylan Wells '15
- Larissa Banitt '15

Staff and Faculty
- Nelson Larson, Soccer Coach
Mary Worlein ’09, Receptionist
- Shannon Sonn, Spanish Teacher
Sister Carol Higgins, Theology Teacher
Dewey Taylor, Head Varsity Basketball Coach
Michele Taylor, Student Activities Director
- Ben Peterson, Latin Teacher
- Beth Eastman, Food Services Coordinator
Michael Scott, Development Database Associate
- Annie Diess, Admissions Support
Kirk Ellis, English Teacher
- Emily Becker, Director of Development
Kelli Clark, Principal
Tamara Allison ’87, Registrar
Kara Shuster, Dance Teacher
Meg O'Brien, Religion Teacher
Ian Park, World History Teacher
Alexis Lund, Mathematics and History Teacher
Cassady Kennebeck 01, Admissions Assistant and Summer Program Coordinator
Estell "Ellie" Gilbert, English Teacher and Learning Center Instructor

- Taylor Riso '08
- Claire Phillips '09
Dahlia Bazzaz '12
- Maryann Schwab '78
Jennifer Mills Perov ’92
Kelly Stempel Mathis ’01
Miki Ford Greenlee ’97
Morgan Cox ’99
Taylor Smith 08
Marianne Slack Wells Kersten 81

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