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St. Mary’s Academy proudly announces, in partnership with Portland City United (PCU) and the City of Portland, the renovations of Buckman Field in northeast Portland.  Completed in 2011, the newly updated Buckman Field includes two 80x120 square yard synthetic turf playing surfaces and provides a home field for St. Mary’s soccer and lacrosse programs. 

The total cost is estimated at $1,765,000.

St. Mary's Academy is responsible for raising $500,000 of the total cost of the project.



Thank you to those that attended the dedication of Buckman Field!

Buckman Field: Home of the Lady Blues!
Public and private organizations collaborated to bring our community a renovated Buckman Field.  Partners are pictured with Portland Timbers Goalkeeper, Adin Brown.  From left to right: Elliott Hill, NIKE, Inc. Vice President and General Manager, Carole Smith, Superintendant of Portland Public Schools, Adin Brown, Commissioner Nick Fish, Christina Friedhoff, President of St. Mary’s Academy, Zari Santner, Director of Portland Parks & Recreation, the Master of Ceremonies, Drew Mahalic of the Oregon Sports Authority, and Jeff Enquist, Vice President of Portland City United Soccer Club.  Not Pictured: Steve Olczak, Principal of Benson Polytechnic High School.
Members of the SMA soccer and lacrosse teams, as well as members of the Portland City United Soccer Club participate in the SPARQ endurance testing prior to the dedication.
SMA Senior lacrosse player Li Mattson participates in NIKE SPARQ training exercise.
Sophomore Meera Marhoefer takes a practice corner kick warming up for the scrimmage between SMA and PCU.
Members of the SMA soccer and lacrosse teams hand out the official Buckman Field Dedication t-shirts to those gathered at the celebration.
SMA Varsity Soccer player, Megan Beal, takes a shot on Portland Timbers Goalkeeper, Adin Brown.
SMA Alumnae and former SMA athletes, Hannah Concannon and Sally Roberts are joined by their parents and SMA Board Members, Debi Dereiko and Kent and Sara Roberts at the dedication.



Please join Commissioner Nick Fish, Portland Parks & Recreation
Director Zari Santner, and St. Mary's Academy as we dedicate

Was held on Wednesday, June 1, 2011
3:45 pm

Buckman Field has been renovated with two new synthetic turf
sports fields and improved field lighting.

The ceremony will be preceded by NIKE SPARQ training
and followed by two soccer matches:
Benson High School boys vs. Portland City United boys
St. Mary's Academy girls vs. Portland City United girls

Project funding provided by:
Portland City United Soccer Club,
St. Mary's Academy, Portland Public Schools, NIKE
and Portland Parks & Recreation.

Buckman Field is located at NE 12th Ave. & Everett next to Benson High School and behind Portland Tennis Center.

“The Buckman Field Project provides an ideal solution to the partners involved, but it also improves the field quality for Benson High students and northeast Portlanders,” said St. Mary’s Athletic Director, Anna Maria Lopez ’78.  “It really is a win-win for the entire city.”

While the downtown location of St. Mary’s offers numerous benefits including cultural immersion and proximity to numerous museums and galleries, the one amenity it lacks is accessible adjacent property to build athletic facilities.  This disadvantage led school officials to research opportunities within an eight-mile radius to secure modernized athletic facilities for the Blues soccer and lacrosse programs.   The partnership with PCU and the City of Portland to renovate Buckman Field provides opportunities for each organization to use the fields based on an agreed timetable throughout the year.

Further, the project offers an economic and cost-effective collaboration in which costs are allocated based on each organization’s use of the fields.  St. Mary’s and Portland City United entered into a ten-year lease, with option for first right of refusal for renewal.  The life expectancy of turf is approximately ten years, and St. Mary’s Academy and Portland City United will have first option to refurbish the field turf, including but not limited to funding, materials and installation. St. Mary’s Academy will raise approximately $470,000 of the total renovation expenses.

Once completed, Buckman Field will finally offer soccer and lacrosse teams a home field and alleviate irregular practice and competition locations that, until now, shuffled between Delta Park, Willamette Park and Portland State University’s Stott Field.  Its renovation will also provide a modernized facility in which students are less likely to be injured, are ensured competitive equality by playing on surfaces like other schools in the Mt. Hood Conference and offer parking and seating for spectators.

In addition to benefitting St. Mary’s Academy, the project offers several additional advantages to its partners and the Portland community including adjacent Benson Tech High School, who will have use of both fields during the school day, after school for their teams and for state playoffs. It now also offers the northeast Portland community a state-of-the-art field.  Previous to this plan’s inception, Portland Parks and Recreation had no plans to update the field with synthetic turf.  Additionally, the project provides Portland City United (PCU) with additional sites for various athletic events, which will be needed once PGE Park becomes the new professional soccer team’s home field.

Buckman Field Media Kit

Press Release on Buckman Field

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Seattle Alumnae Support Buckman Field!

At an event hosted at the home of Barbi Monroe Nelp ’59 in Seattle, St. Mary's Academy alumnae gathered to learn more about the progress on the Buckman Field project and dedicated their financial support to help the Blues soccer and lacrosse teams!

For more information on the alumnae gathering, please contact Coralynn Arrigotti '83 at coralynn.arrigotti@stmaryspdx.org.



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